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10. - 31. Mars 2017
ATOPIA kunstlab at Maridalsveien 90

Overview from the exhibition - MAY YOU LIVE IN INTERESTING TIMES 

Atopia Kunstlab, 2017

This is an installation witch in practice demonstrate the doctrine of Work = force x distance. The power transmission increase with pulleys, and there is possible to do heavy lifts. To use a longer rope for pull or lift, doesn’t matter anymore. Sacks of sand are lifted, dragged, and hanging in the gallery space. Each sack is bound together with the tying technique “shibari”, which make the sacks with sand, stabile. As a consequence of the shibari technique, the sacks appear as human or body like, and make they appear as estranged like the phenomena “Uncanny Wally”. The title “May you live in interesting times” are known as a Chinese word of wisdom, with no specific origin, and are supposed to performed as a curse.

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