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Sail Along Silvery Moon
Trivial Groove,
Gallery F15, 1996
Chair, desk, paper, paperboats, drawings, cassett/sound

A volume of 1.5 x 4,0 x 2,0 m3, are filled with paper boats and make a volume of 12.6 m3.

If I want a volume of one cubic, I have to fold paper boats in 20 hours. For 12.6 cubic I have to fold in 252 hours. If I fold paper boats in two months, four hours each day, I have folded 22176 paper boats. This gives me the required volume of 12.6 cubic.


The viewer is also invited to sit down and fold paper boats. An instruction on how to fold paperboats is pictured at the wall. A cassette deck plays the melody "Sail along silvery moon".

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