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Pop Up Kitchen

From the workshop and exhibition LOCAL Veiholmen, Norge 6-12 July 2014.


Found wooden material, screws, holes, slab and wheels.


LOCAL is an interdisciplinary collaboration between cuisine artist and visual artist, working with local food, commodities and local materials.


The Italian Chef Vittorio Seritelli is participating with students to use local commodities in new contexts. Zoe Christiansen is using “food of the future”, seaweeds and kelp, to make new dishes from her PopUp kitchen made by the artist Hilde Rognskog.


Seven artist from Halsa, Oslo and Berlin are working with local material at Samvirke gallery and residency.


With Ingwill Gjelsvik, Leif Inge, Arild Yttri, Volker Seifried, Vittorio Serritelli, Katja van Ravenstein, Zoe Christiansen and Sissel Stangenes. 

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