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New establishments of real estate firms with brokers occupy more and more properties in and outside the city centres. The real estate business is lucrative and the revenue of properties has increased over the past years. It’s also shown through the amount of property ads in newspapers and as supplements in magazines. The ads sown homes, groomed, made up and embellished, where living life at the best, are camouflaged. Families are hunting for better and better homes at a higher and higher cost range, in a repeating roundel of renovation and sale. As it’s never is possible to be satisfied. The ad design and language is reminding me of pornography.


Poster 1 translated: In periods, I use to read housing ads with a big appetite. Over a period, I can be very intensive and passionate, but after a while it loses my attraction. I got full and sick. The same happens when I`ve been occupied with watching pornography.


Poster 2 translated: I seldom invite people home. If I got visit, I excuses the mess and the dirt. I don’t think my apartments express what I am or the person I want to be. The worst scenario is that somebody accuses me for bad taste.

Owning, Yesss yess, yes
Gallery Schnauzer Eft.
Oslo 2005
Prospects, Table, chair, shelf, text, c-prints, collage.
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